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Applicable Standards

  • KS L 2003 Sealed insulating glass
  • EN 1279 Glass in building – Insulating glass units
  • KS L 2525 Evaluation on thermal resistance of flat glasses and thermal transmittance of glazing

Test Items

Classification KS L 2003 EN 1279
Test Items Appearance I coefficient
Length of Side Contact Angle
Thickness Acceleration Durability
Dew point Dew point
Type Appearance
Acceleration Durability of Seal Size
Acceleration Durability of Performance of Optical Film Thickness of Buthyl and Silicon
Insulation Capability (Thermal Resistance) Thickness of Spacer
Shield Capability (Solar Heat Excluding Coefficient) Performance of Moisture Absorbent
Specimen Size 350mm x 500mm 500mm x 600mm
Specimen Quantity 8 Pieces 6 Pieces
Test Duration ⅠType Test 20 days 90 days
Ⅱ Type Test 30 days
Ⅲ Type Test 70 days

KS L 2003 Classification of Sealed insulating glasses by insulation and shading

Classification Symbol Thermal Resistance Solar Heat Excluding Coefficient
Sealed Insulating Glass 1Type U1 Higher than 0.25  
2Type U2 Higher than 0.31
3Type U3 - 1 Higher than 0.37
U3 - 2 Higher than 0.43
Solar Heat Shading
Sealed Glass
4Type E4 Higher than 0.25 Higher than 0.35
4Type E5 Higher than 0.50

Duration of Acceleration Durability Test (Following the KS 2003 Standard)

Classification Anti-Moisture and Light Test Cooling and HeatingTest Duration
Ⅰ Type Test Method 7 days 21 cycle (3 days) 10 days
Ⅱ Type Test Method 14 days 24 cycle (6 days) 20 days
Ⅲ Type Test Method 42 days 72 cycle (3 days) 60 days

Duration of Acceleration Durability Test (Following the EN Standard)

Classification High Temperature and
High Moisture Test
Cooling and HeatingTest Duration
EN 49 days 28 days 77 days

Machinery and Equipments

How to Analyze

Evaluate performance of products by conducting anti-moisture and lights, cooling and heating and high temperature and moisture test using acceleration durability tester and quality of composition of sealed insulating glass by conducting insulation, radiation and solar heat shading test using a spectrophotometer

Applicable field

Evaluation of quality of sealed insulating glass

Official test records